5 Ways Your Team Puts Your Business at Risk: Cyber Security Awareness Month

Oct 11, 2023Cyber Security, Managed It Solutions, Mobile Device Management, Security Awareness Training

Digital threats are always evolving and it’s crucial to recognize some of the most significant vulnerabilities your business faces which might be hiding in plain sight – your workforce. Since it’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, we want to explore how your employees might inadvertently¬†put your business at risk and what you can do to prevent it.¬†

Lack of Awareness

Challenge: Employees who are unaware of the constantly evolving cyber security threats can inadvertently become victims of them. Employees may mishandle sensitive data by sharing it with unauthorized individuals or failing to secure it adequately.

Solution: Prioritize security awareness training to educate your workforce about the latest threats and empower them to identify and report suspicious activities. Educate employees on data handling best practices, enforce strict access controls, implement encryption and data loss prevention solutions.

Weak Password Practices

Challenge: Employees may use weak passwords, creating an easy entry point for cybercriminals.

Solution: Enforce strong password policies, encourage the use of password managers, and implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance security.

Insider Threats

Challenge: Whether intentional or unintentional, employees can compromise data, share sensitive information, or disrupt operations.

Solution: Implement access controls and establish clear policies for handling sensitive data. Periodically review and revoke unnecessary privileges.

Falling for Phishing Attacks

Challenge: Phishing emails can trick employees into revealing sensitive information or granting access to cybercriminals.

Solution: Conduct regular phishing simulation exercises to train employees to recognize and report phishing attempts. Foster a culture of skepticism towards incoming correspondence no matter how legitimate they initially appear. To enroll your employees in a comprehensive phishing program, send us a message.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Challenge: The use of personal devices for work purposes can introduce security vulnerabilities if not properly managed.

Solution: Enforce comprehensive BYOD security policies, including mobile device management (MDM), encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. If you need help managing your company’s mobile devices, give our local team a call at 403-343-1122.

Cyber Security Awareness Month serves as a reminder that safeguarding your business from digital threats is an ongoing endeavor. Proactivity is key to significantly enhancing your cyber security posture.

We specialize in helping businesses, like yours, strengthen your cyber security defenses. Through our security awareness training, IT support, backup services and mobile device management, we are dedicated to protecting your business from cyber attacks. For Cyber Security Awareness Month, let’s work together to ensure that your employees become the first line of defense, not inadvertent sources of vulnerability.¬†