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Do I Need A Network Assessment?

Is your data and network secure? It’s time for an assessment.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been highlighting the importance of ensuring your network and data is secure. Today, we’ve got one more thing that is worthwhile to outline for you – security assessments.

You’ve worked hard on securing your infrastructure and it is likely time to test it! Once you have your policies and tools established for ever conceivable concern, give it a test.

These types of tests have a variety of names that you may already be familiar with – Security Assessment, Penetration Test, and Red Teaming. All of these are designed with the purpose of showing you areas of the security program that may have been missed, underestimated, or mis-configured… before an attacker finds them.

When completing a security assessment, it’s important to use a trusted vendor, often external of your internal IT team. With the vendor, you’ll determine what areas to test, the types of issues you’re looking for, and set general ground rules for engagement. At the end of testing, you will be provided with a comprehensive report that highlights the areas that require attention along with possible resolutions.

Any issues that are identified in the assessment will need to be fixed. Use the knowledge you’ve gained over the past few weeks to review other areas of your business for potential issues. Once you’re with the progress, it’s time to get tested again!

We must share some cautionary things to be aware of.

Your first assessment will likely come back with a lot of concerns. Don’t worry – it’s completely normal in a young security practice. As you work through the issues, you will continue to develop better security and testing results will provide more intricate vulnerabilities. This is a process that will require regular repeating to ensure that your security posture is ready to handle modern threats and concerns, as they are discovered.

Another thing to keep in mind is this:

The perfect security does not exist.

We have seen some o the world’s most secure locations, like a Nuclear Enrichment facility in Iran, infected by the worm known as Stuxnet. If you’re curious, read more here. The affected computers were not only incredibly secure, they were not online. Yet, they were breached!

Security should be looked at as a practice of improvement, rather than destination. Just like the other daily challenges your business faces, security incidents are an opportunity to grow and get better.

Feel free to reach out to our team of experts with any of your questions. We’re always here for you!

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