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What is HaaS?

Hardware as a Service or HaaS, is an IT Solution that allows companies to pay a flat rate for their work technology.
How many of your workstations or other pieces of equipment are out of date and due to be refreshed? Expert IT Solutions provides you with all the IT devices that you need to run your business.
Hardware as a Service (HaaS) comes in the form of an affordable monthly payment. HaaS allows you to pay for all of your IT services, hardware, installation, security, backups, applications etc, as a flat-fee service, therefore, eliminating the capital costs.

Let us show you how to eliminate the unnecessary burden of rebuilding your budget after a major hardware expense. The benefit of having your hardware tied directly into your managed services agreement gives you peace of mind and lets you know that an affordable monthly rate will keep all of your technology up to date.

Let us take of your technology needs

Benefits of HaaS

  • Reduced Capital Expense; HaaS has the financials benefit of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense and removes the unpredictability factor involved with maintenance and upkeep.
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance; With HaaS solutions the equipment and service are included. A HaaS solution not only repairs or replaces broken hardware, but also gives you timely upgrades.
  • Flexibility and Scalability; As your organization grows, so do your technology needs. With HaaS you can integrate any number of new components depending on your needs.

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