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Keep Your Data Safe with a Work from Home Team

With your teams working from home, there is an increased chance of malware existing on a home computer. Many home users do not have quality antivirus products and standardized system controls do not exist.

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A few things that increase your risk for data exposure are:

    • Team members are no longer prevented from saving files to their desktops or required to have encrypted hard-drives and complex passwords.
    • Physical security of a home computer is lower than one stored at the office. It’s likely that many people can access the work area. The more exposure a workstation has, the higher the risk.
    • Rather than using a VPN, many home users are using the Wi-Fi which may have older standards. That means it’s possible to intercept traffic.
    • While the workstation provided may be perfectly healthy, other devices may be compromised. If that’s the case, they can be used to steal your data.


Our IT Solutions Team is here for you. We aim to minimize your risk and protect your data so you can focus on the things that move the needle in your business.

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