Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Efficiently manage corporate and personal devices for your small business or large enterprise

Maximizing security while efficiently managing all mobile devices for your business

For new hires or seasoned employees effectively managing multiple mobile devices comes with a ton of challenges that can ultimately impede operational efficiency and, if not managed correctly, data security.

Coordinating updates and configurations for many devices becomes a challenge that consumes valuable time and resources.

That’s where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in. We implement an MDM that streamlines device management which configures, monitors, and secures corporate owned or personal mobile devices used in your business.

Managing your employee’s devices should be easy

Whether your employees are in the office or remote, or a combination of both our MDM empowers your organization

Configure settings while protecting company data with geolocation and the ability to wipe or lock devices

Efficiently onboard new devices and employees

Enhance security by remotely processing device updates along with anti-virus software and firewalls

Save time by seamlessly deploying and managing workplace applications

Do these questions sound familiar?

Who do I task with efficiently updating and configuring mobile devices for our workforce?

How can I be consistent with our security measures across various devices used in our business?

I have concerns about data security and we are in an industry where sensitive information is shared, how do I manage this?

I need to manage and monitor all mobile devices used for our organization but it’s complex and wastes valuable employee time and resources, what do I do?

I have compliance requirements that require a more robust approach to device management, who do I task with this?

How much would it cost for an actively engaged IT partner?

If you share any of these questions then it’s time to consider a trusted IT partner to help you navigate the complexities of device management

Customize as much or as little as your organization needs

Remote Lock Device

In the event of a lost or stolen device, the ability to force lock the device is possible. Locked device can only be unlocked by users with a provisioned passcode

Remote Wipe Device

In the event of a lost or stolen device, the ability to remove company data on this device is possible (if the device is powered on and has network connectivity). The user’s personal data is not removed.

*Applies only to the work profile/Managed Apps

Reset/Remove Passcode

In the event of a forgotten passcode a user will remotely be provided the ability to generate a new passcode.

Play Lost Device Sound

A sound plays until the user locates and acknowledges.

*Applies only to Corporate owned devices

Device Location

Displays the last known location to the MDM platform (if the device is powered on and has network connectivity).

*Applies only to Corporate owned devices

Custom Notifications

In the event of a lost or stolen device a custom message can be sent to the device with contact instructions.

*Applies to Android only

Offline Grace Period (Wipe Data) 90 days

After 90 days of running offline the app
will require the user to connect to the network and authenticate. If the user fails to authenticate, the app will perform a selective wipe of the users account and data.

Offline Grace Period (Block Access) 24 hours

After the configured period expires, the app blocks access to work data until network access is available.

Customize Device Management Policies

  • Number of days until password expires
  • Block simple password
  • Set minimum password length
  • Set required password type
Can MDM be used for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

Yes, MDM is commonly used in BYOD environments. It allows organizations to manage and secure employee-owned devices that are being used for work purposes, balancing the needs of both employees and employers.

What is the key advantage of mobile device management MDM?

MDM can help decrease downtime by enabling IT teams to manage and remotely monitor mobile devices in real time. Data collection of device logs and events can help detect and resolve issues before they become major problems and prevent device failures or malfunctions.

Can MDM track your location?

Devices that are registered as Corporate Owned, will display the last known location to the MDM platform

What Is a Mobile Device Management Policy?

A mobile device management policy establishes rules for how mobile devices are used and secured within your company. Without mobile usage guidelines, you leave your company open to cybersecurity threats, theft and corporate espionage attempts.

Mobile devices are some of the most vulnerable and least regulated tools used by
employees. Once any tool leaves the confines of your office, the threat of security breaches puts your equipment and sensitive data at risk.

What information can my organization see when I enroll my device?

Your organization can’t see your personal information when you enroll a device in Microsoft Intune. Enrolling your device makes certain information, such as device model and serial number, visible to IT administrators and support people with administrator access.


What your organization can view What your organization can not view

Device owner

Device name

Device serial number

Device model, such as Google Pixel

Device manufacturer, such as Microsoft
Operating system and version, such as iOS 12.0.1
Device IMEI

App inventory and app names, such as Microsoft Word

On personal devices, your organization can only see your
managed app inventory, which includes work and school apps.

On corporate-owned devices, your organization can see all apps installed on the device.

On corporate-owned devices with a work profile, which is
limited to Android devices, your organization can only see the
apps installed in your work profile.

Calling and web browsing history

Email and text messages




Pictures, including what’s in the photos app or camera roll


Additionally, on corporate-owned Android devices with a work profile: apps and data in your personal profile

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