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Team Productivity while Working from Home

You’ve successfully updated your business operations to allow team members to work from home. While they may be saving time on a task here and there, team members may be struggling to be at overall maximum productivity.


One of the most prominent struggles could be the internet speed of their home network.

      • Speed of connection to the office may be an issue for users, causing performance problems. With a lot of users connecting to the office through the internet, every home user will see a decrease in performance speed.
      • When used at a high capacity, home internet can be much slower than a local network. Downloading a file at the office could take 5 seconds, whereas on a home connection it could take 2 minutes or maybe even longer.


    Equip team members with access to a VPN to mitigate some of these concerns (and increase data protection as well!). If that’s not an option, encourage team members to discuss internet speeds and solutions with their current service provider.

    Our IT Solutions team is always here for you. We can assist you with VPN set-up or any other IT concerns you may want to discuss. By having the right IT systems in place, there is potential to increase your team’s productivity levels while they work from home.


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