Top 5 Challenges of Business Internet

Business Internet

In a world where turning on a tap means water flows and pressing a switch means a light comes on, utilities seem straightforward. But in business the internet isn’t like other utilities. It’s a dynamic utility far from the one-size-fits-all structure of others.

From unreliable connections to outdated infrastructure to paying more than you should, common pain points can hinder your business. Let’s address some of these challenges head on.

1. Call Center Frustrations

When you’re running a business, every minute counts. When you’re stuck in a call center queue waiting to address critical issues with your business internet or when you finally talk to someone and they can’t answer your questions, frustration can set in.

Solution: We recognize the urgency of addressing issues with business internet which is why our local Western Canadian team is committed to providing prompt assistance. It’s simple to get in contact with our team.

2. Lack of Knowledge

It’s common that Call Center Agents get trained in one specific product, which means you’re not getting a full overview of what else is out there.

Solution: Our industry experts have been involved with business internet for over 30 years. With our knowledge, we can guide you through a maze of choices with complete clarity.

3. Outdated and Poor Internet

Big companies often overlook the opportunity to inform you of better internet services when they become available.

Solution: We believe in taking a proactive approach. We review all your options which include an overview of redundant internet options to keep your business always connected.

4. Surprise – You Have Auto-Renewed

Some contracts automatically renew which could leave you receiving outdated services that you have outgrown at a higher rate.

Solution: We make sure you’re aware of your options when your contract is up for renewal. Now you take advantage of any new pricing along with options that could benefit how your business works currently.

5. Implementing or Maintaining Cloud Based Solutions

So, you’re ready to upgrade your business with cloud-based solutions maybe a new VoIP phone system but you have a big problem, your internet doesn’t meet the requirements.

Solution: We remove the roadblock and work to align your internet options with cloud-based solutions so you can advance your business with confidence.


We pride ourselves in discovering what you have and how your business works then letting you know your options thoroughly. Our commitment to transparency means you can trust us as your partner to provide straightforward guidance tailored to you.

To start optimizing your business internet solution, contact us for a free no-obligation analysis where we provide the best connectivity and rates for your site(s) that align with your business needs now and into the future.