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How Office 365 Can Help Your Business

Microsoft and their Office 365 Product Suite is probably one of the most well known and familiar desktop and online tool for anyone who works in an office environment. Many people learned how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Jr. High and are still using the programs today. They may even be using the same version of the program, depending on how often their office issues upgrades.
Even if you’ve been using Microsoft Programs or Office 365 for years, you don’t want to discount what the program can offer in terms of productivity at the office, after all, knowing how to use the basic tools in the Microsoft Office is a requirement for almost all office-based positions these days. However, knowing how to use Office 365 effectively can be beneficial for more than just typing up a report, or sending emails to colleagues.
Before we dive into why we think Office 365 is so great, let’s clarify exactly what it is. Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of their Microsoft Office product line that lets you use the Microsoft Office products that you know and love as applications that can be downloaded onto multiple devices.

Here are five reasons why we think Office 365 is a useful tool for any organization.

1.)    Improved Mobility for Team Members

Work environments and team member schedules look different than they did just 5-10 years ago. Today, employers’ value being able to give team members the tools they need to work from anywhere. Because Office 365 is a cloud-based program, your team is able to log in from home, while on vacation, while they wait in the doctor’s office, or really, anywhere they can connect to the internet. This can give team members more flexibility to find balance in their lives and make it easier to keep projects moving if someone needs to be away from the office for a day.

2.)    Great Security Features

It’s important to know that the program you choose for your organization will keep any important data you use safe. The Office 365 program uses encrypted email, data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication as just some of the security protocols to ensure only the correct users can access important data. It’s still important to do your own analysis of the products and ensure they meet your business’s specific security needs, but don’t discount Office 365 just because it’s a cloud-based program, in fact, this could be a big benefit for your company because it means Microsoft will take on the liability for some potential issues because they are the ones hosting and storing the data.

3.)    Collaborate Across Different Departments

If your business does a lot of team projects or team reviews, then the collaborative functionality available within Office 365 might be a big perk for your team. With Office 365 you are able to have multiple team members working within the same document simultaneously and all the users will be able to see real-time changes.

4.)    Familiar and Easy to Use Programs

As we mentioned in the beginning, Office 365 uses the programs that more people are already familiar with including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Because your team has most likely used all of these programs before, there is a smaller learning curve compared with other programs that may be brand new to the team.

5.)    Affordable Payment Plans

You can choose to purchase Office 365 as a monthly payment plan, or as an annual subscription. Both options are affordable to most businesses in the form of a low monthly fee. Choosing to purchase the program on a monthly basis can make it easier to budget for the package and adjust your subscription based on your company’s needs.
These are just a few of the reasons why we think Office 365 can be a great solution business of all sizes.

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